Oroboros World

Oroboros World

Where survival demands constant movement, to stand still is to die.

The Curtain, a swath of destructive  energy is slowly consuming the world.  Stretching across the globe from pole to pole, there is no avoiding the incessant encroachment of end of the world.  Yet, the people of the Oroboros World refuse to surrender to extinction, and  have  built the vehicles known Municipalities to escape their fate.  These great all-terrain constructs lumber across the surface of the planet in a constant race to outrun the unfaltering approach of the Curtain.  Citizens live out their lives on these massive behemoths, toiling away for the sake of each other.  Life is a constant pressure of the drive to move forward, the need to collect resources, and the imperative to survive.  New lands and oceans endlessly appear before them, each bringing new challenges and unforeseen obstacles in the flight to survive.  On a crazy world of constant destruction and eternal renewal, there is never enough time to stop…

The Municipalities



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